Standard Intruder Tube Fly


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A classic Steelhead pattern. I utilize composite loops with multiple flash components and ostrich for these tube flies. Included here are four of my most productive color combos. However, the beauty of the Intruder is that it is highly customizable. Please let me know if you would like custom color combos.

All tube flies come with an appropriately sized swing hook and junction tubing

My basic recipe is as follows: (Roughly 2.5-3″ long)

  • Tail: Chenille prop usually in pink or orange. A small composite loop of ice dub, predator wrap and polar flash and some ostrich fibers on the sides
  • Body: Diamond Braid or tinsel
  • Head: A larger composite loop. It starts with another contrasting ice dub as a bump, then a larger version of the tail loop, with added strands of flashabou. I finish it off with an ostrich over wing.

You can see from the photos that this basic recipe is easily changed. Rubber legs, hackle tips, jungle cock, and discs/cones are very common variations. We can lock down what you want either before or after you place your order. $6.95 is for the basic fly described above, in one of the four variations pictured. Additions such as rubber legs, cones/discs, hackles, and custom colors may add a small amount to the cost.

Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .5 × .5 in


50 percent profit donated to conservation