Pere Marquette: Spring is Here!

Have you ever had a great day chasing Steelhead where you didn't actually land a fish? I just got back from such a trip. The Pere Marquette has quite a few fish in the system right now, and the action was fantastic, especially in the morning. It slowed in the afternoon with the bright sun, but there were still some active fish throughout the day. All told I had six really good battles with Steelhead, and a seventh hook up with what I think was a trophy sized Brown Trout (if not, it was another decent Steelie). I unfortunetly wasn't able to land any of these fish for a picture, but I did get four of them up into a rods length before losing them. Definetely proof that a good landing net, or a good fishing buddy, will help you land more fish.   With my luck over the last few uneventful outings, I didn't have much in the way of expectations as I drove the 3 hours to Baldwin. Getting the boat in the water and floating my favorite stretch of the river without any mishaps would have ...
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Betsie River: Summer Kings

Summer King Fishing
This quick trip up to Betsie River started with promise, but ended with some bad luck and horrible camera work. This is why you should always have a friend to fish with, or at least someone to row the boat and take pictures!   Unlike my trips the last two summers and my trip earlier this year, there were actually fish to be had in the river. My timing hasn't been great and with the weaker runs of salmon the last few years timing has been everything.   This season I am armed with my 13' Stealthcraft drift boat, so I am covering some new water. It rained the day before we got up north, so I decided to float a lower stretch of the river hoping to find the fish that came in due to the added flow. I launched from the Grace Rd access and ended at the first River Rd bridge. There is a lot of fish-able water in this stretch and its only about an hour to an hour and a half float without stops, but I have a preference for the first few holes when the fish aren't in thick.   ...
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Huron River – May-June 2016

Most of my fishing happens in and around the Huron River watershed. These outings are mostly quick trips to the river after work, or a family visit to Kent Lake. An hour or two hear and there, and so far this year they have been few and far between. And although I've caught fish, they haven't produced any real quality catches. So I will be bulking a few of these together at a time throughout the summer to keep from getting repetitive. I'll show a few pictures of fish and the flies I'm using, as well as shed some light on the techniques that are working for me.

Flies Used:

Here are the flies that I caught fish on during these trips. Email if you want me tie you some. Chocklett's Feather Game Changer: This has been the hottest fly for me, and should continue to produce all year. I use it mostly for bass and pike, but am looking forward to trying it later this month on some trout. It utilizes the Fish Skull Articulated Spine system to create multiple articul...
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Charlie’s First Fishing Trip

Our second consecutive 70+ degree day made for some great bass fishing. My son Charlie came out on the water with me for the first time making it a special day for me. I look forward to plenty of trips with him, and hope he enjoys the sport as much as I do. For this trip I left the fly rods at home thinking it would be easier to manage controlling the boat and posing for pictures with the baby if I wasn't flinging a huge bass streamer around. It gave me a chance to try out my new Sixgills Fishing spinning reel. If you haven't heard of Sixgills Fishing I recommend you check them out. They are the same people that make Allen Fly Fishing rods and reels as well as Exterus Brand clothing. This product line is also an instant favorite of mine. They make a full spectrum of baitcasting and spinning rods and reels, but my first item is a Trireme in size 2000. This is their cheapest reel, and a real bargain at $29.95. This is easily the best reel under $50 I have used. They also make a 100...
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Pere Marquette: Any Fish Will Do

pere marquette brown trout
The scent of skunk is finally gone! After a couple of outings without even a take, I was finally able to put a couple fish in the net on the Pere Marquette River. A nice brown trout started my day within my first few casts. That had me feeling really good about making the 3 hour drive, but things got a lot tougher after that, and a small rainbow was all I could manage the rest of the day. The sun was out in force all day, I don't think I saw a single cloud in 8 hours on the water. This combined with average water flow and crystal clear water made the paddling worth the trip even without the fish. However, the weather, water conditions, and large number of people on the Pere Marquette made for tough steelhead conditions. I talked to about 10-12 boats worth of people (including some pro's) and all but one or two were shut out. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="323,318,322,321,320,319"]


Location: Pere Marquette River...

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Pere Marquette Winter Steelhead

I recently went up to Baldwin, MI to pick up my new Stealthcraft drift boat, and was able to hit the Pere Marquette with guide Steve Cornetet from Baldwin Creek Lodge and Guide Service. The purpose of the trip was to get a crash course on the new boat from a pro, but the steelhead were in the river as well. Steve did a great job of getting us on some fish. We were floating through the flies only section just outside of town. Overall we went 3 for 8 on steelhead. Steve also netted a nice resident brown trout. Here are the two fish I landed: [gallery type="slideshow" ids="144,17,6"]


It was about 27 degrees out, and we floated the river during the warmest part of the day... 12-5. 8 takes is a pretty good day chasing winter steelhead, and we wondered if the weather system moving in was the cause for the hot bite.

Flies and Tackle:

We were fishing a chuck-n-duck rig with all 3 landed fish. We were using an Omega reel from Allen Fly Fishing in their size II. Th...
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