Rio Trout LT Fly Line Review

The Rio Trout LT weight forward fly line is our go to dry fly line. We love it on fly rods up to 5wt, or in any situation where fish are spooky and you need a delicate presentation. If you have a rod that is dedicated to dry fly fishing then we don’t think you need to look much further than the Rio Trout LT. This line over hand and roll casts dry flies very well. We even do some dry dropper fishing and some light nymphing on this line when the situation calls for it. If you are thinking you will be doing a large amount of double fly or indicator fishing then we would recommend jumping up to the InTouch Rio Gold fly line, or if you are doing a lot of streamer fishing, the InTouch Rio Grand line. The Grand line is designed for fast action rods to throw larger streamers.

Here is the description from Rio’s website for the Trout LT:

      The Rio Trout LT (Light Touch) line features a long, fine front taper for the lightest of presentations. This extra supple line is built with weight distributed towards the back of the line to aid in making easy roll and single handed spey casts. The line features “MaxFloat Tip” – RIO’s proprietary tip coating formula that floats more than twice as high as regular floating lines, and is perfect for fishing dry flies, nymphs and emergers.

    • Features
      • Long front taper for the softest in presentation
      • Rear loaded weight for easy roll and single handed spey casting
      • Built with a super supple, coldwater core and coating
      • Welded loops on both ends

On the Water with the Rio Trout LT:

Most of the fishing we do week to week involves heavier tackle. Warm water species, steelhead, and salmon tend to get most of our attention. And as such we don’t reach for the dry fly rods as much as we probably should. That being said, personally, I always try to keep my little 7 1/2 ‘ 4wt rod handy. This rod with the Rio Trout LT line is perfect for that surprise hatch when I’m camping, or to throw a small bug at some pan fish if the bigger guys aren’t chasing streamers. With this little rod I am primarily fishing close-in and with little to no casting room, so I roll cast with it a lot, and it performs great. You will notice fairly quickly when you get too much weight on your rig as casting will start to suffer, but I may notice this more due to the short rod I am using. With my setup I wouldn’t recommend much more than a bead head nymph and the smallest thing-a-ma-bobber. A yarn indicator or a large dry fly as an indicator would let you get away with a bit more weight on the rig.

All in all we really enjoy this line, and look forward to getting out there a little more this year looking for trout on dry flies. I just have the one photo of a stocker-fest trout that I caught recently using this line. I caught a couple others, one of which was pushing 20″, but didn’t have my net with me, and they slipped out of my hands before I could get a picture.

Rio Trout LT - rainbow trout

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