Product Review: Stealthcraft 13′ Drift Boat

Let me start off by saying Stealthcraft is a GREAT company. Mike, the owner, and likely person you will deal with when contacting the company, was fantastic. This is my first driftboat. I only have a couple hours under my belt on the water with it, but I have been in others as a passenger, and i have to say I am as impressed with the boat as I am the customer service. I can tell you that as someone who lives in Michigan I had my heart set on a Stealthcraft from the moment I realized they were a Michigan company, and that they were building these boats just seconds from the Pere Marquette River in Baldwin, MI. So, I may be a little biased here, but I’m not alone. These boats are taking a larger chunk of market share from their competitors for a reason.

Ill start with the product description as seen on the website:

13′ Sniper – Never has a boat that can carry a rower and two fisherman been so light and nimble.  This boat has replaced rafts for many outfitters and guides across the country.  With plenty of rocker for great back-rowing, wide bottom 54″, the same width as many full sized boats from other companies.  Aluminum reinforced bow and a myriad of options from a simple removable front cooler to a dressed out drift boat with all the amenities of home. At a stealthy 185 pounds, this is the boat for folks that want a boat easy to get in and out of the water and is very easy to row.  The Stealthcraft Sniper is a great first boat because of the user friendly rowing and loading capabilities.  With the wide bottom you will be amazed at the stability of this lightweight boat. The Stealthcraft Sniper is a boat you will always want to have around.  Captain Mike enjoys take this boat out because of the easy maneuverability, lightweight design and ease of rowing.

Boat is 13’ down the center/ 54” bottom. 23″ at the oarlocks, 18″ at the lowest side of the re-curve of the boat.  Rows extremely high and is very light.  Boat can be easily portaged and used in raft situations.  This boat rows great with one, two, or 3 people.  It has the same dimensions as a full size drifter just a 13′ squatty high floating hull. Comes with port rod holder and tackle tray,  front raised floor, choice of pedestal or front box seating, grande rowers box seating, rear deck with optional removable male pedestal seating, standard diamond-plate oarlock and motor mount, Dierks side anchor system, large bow eye, keel-guard bow protector, optional UHMW or keel guard bottom, all bottom gel-coat has Teflon additive included. Boat comes standard with removable front casting brace or optional front bubble hood, comes with 6 large flush mount cup holders.  Optional 6 position adjustable foot brace, 5 place oar lock holder adjustment, Handles up to a 9.9 hp motor and as always motors much better than our competition.  Boat weight is approx on interior options is 260 pounds


Let’s face it. This is what stops most of us from buying a boat, especially a drift boat. So I am putting this front and center. The pictures below show some of the upgrade options that I picked out with Mike, but with a sticker price of $5995 (includes boat, seats, anchor system and trailer), its a great value. My boat included a 65 quart Yeti Cooler with double swivel seats on top, upgraded winch, boat cover, and electrical. With headlights, deck lights, navigation lights, quick connect trolling motor connection, fuse panel with switches, and marine battery, most of  my additional price came from the electrical. But my boat came in modestly, below $7000. When Mike gave me the price I couldn’t believe some of the options I was getting for the money.

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 My Impression of the Stealthcraft 13′ Driftboat:

 I will be adding some more impressions as I get out on a few solo trips.

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