Rio InTouch CamoLux Line: Product Review

Here is the description from Rio’s Website for the InTouch CamoLux Fly Line:

    RIO’s new InTouch CamoLux line is the most incredible intermediate line ever made. Built on the ultra-low stretch ConnectCore, and featuring a unique hang marker 13 ft from the front end, the line is loaded with assets that helps anglers catch more fish. An ultra-cool, clear camo color ensures fish do not spook even in the clearest of water, and with a sink rate of 1.5 to 2 ips, this line is a fish catching machine.

      – Ultra-low stretch core for maximum sensitivity
      – Hang Marker helps indicate when to cast

On the Water w/ Rio’s InTouch CamoLux Fly Line:

I’ve been using the Rio InTouch CamoLux fly line extensively this spring and early summer as my go to streamer line. I fish mostly warm water species this time of year, and the intermediate camo line is perfect on my 5wt Loop Cross S1 for bass and pike. There are surely some lines that are more fine tuned to this use (Scientific Angler’s Sonar line comes to mind, as well as Rio’s various species specific tapers), but I am having no problems casting everything from smaller trout streamers to larger baitfish patterns and even some poppers. I throw a lot of multi-articulated Game Changers, up to about 5 inches with relative ease on this line, and with the type of fishing I do, that is plenty of backbone. The versatility is what keeps me coming back to the Intouch CamoLux line.


One of the best and most understated features of this line is the white “hang marker”. It is there to help show you when you can effectively pick up your line to cast again. The line is colored the same throughout, so it helps to have this visual que so you arent always pulling your line all they way in to the leader. But what I find myself really using it as is a strike indicator. When fishing bait fish patterns you let the fly suspend during your pauses. With all the jerks and pauses I find I tend to lose contact with my fly, which makes it hard to detect strikes at times. Missing a subtle strike and missing the timing on my hook set and hence losing a fish is not something I like doing. The “hang marker” on the InTouch CamoLux line tends to come into view after a few strips, and watching it closely while you fly is suspending on a slack line will save a fair amount of fish that you may otherwise miss.


As mentioned above, if you spend all your time fishing for large bass and pike, or fishing deep with heavy flies, or in high wind, you may want to get something a little better suited to the job. Tossing a heavy tungsten barbel-eyed streamer is never fun, but it can be accomplished easier on lines other than the InTouch Camolux line. But if you are looking for a great all around intermediate fly line that you can use for trout and warm water fishing, particularly on your lighter rods, I think this line is a winner.

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