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We review the equipment that we are actually using out on the water and on the bench

Allen Omega XLA

Allen Omega XLA Fly Reel

I am finally getting around to adding some more product reviews to the site. I’ve actually had this reel for close to a year now, but am just now getting enough total time on the water with it to give a fair review. Yes, its another review of an Allen Fly Fishing reel. I was […]

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epic rod building kit

Epic Rod Building Kit – Product Review

I’ve recently had the urge to have a fly rod that was mostly dedicated to trout fishing. I have several outfits geared towards  Salmon and Steelhead that are largely overkill for trout. And lately my 5wt has taken over as my primary warm water and streamer rod. This leaves a hole in the arsenal on the […]

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Kast Gear Steelhead Gloves

Kast Gear Steelhead Gloves Product Review

  This fall I took to finding a better solution for keeping my hands warm while winter steelheading. I have previously owned some waterproof neoprene gloves that were good at keeping the river water and cold air out, but easily made my hands sweat and were hard to take on and off. Neoprene is a […]

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griffin montana mongoose

Griffin Montana Mongoose Vise – Product Review

I was recently in the market for a new vise for my tying bench. My Danica Danvise had served its purpose and the jaws had worn to a point where it was hard to place a hook. They were made of non-hardened steel so they dented and nicked easily. I was ready for a higher […]

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allen azimuth

Allen Azimuth 9′ 8wt Fly Rod

I finally added an Allen fly rod to the quiver! If you’ve poked around the site at all you probably know that I am extremely happy with my other Allen products. And although I wish this was one of their shiny new Icon II rods, $600 was not in my budget for yet another 8wt […]

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dryft s14 adrenaline

Dryft S14 Adrenaline Waders

  I had stumbled across Dryft S14 Adrenaline waders while surfing Facebook a while back, and told myself that when it was time to buy new waders I would have to check them out. Their products have style if you are in to that kind of thing, and the prices seem a little too good to […]

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Rio InTouch CamoLux Fly Line

Rio InTouch CamoLux Line: Product Review

Here is the description from Rio’s Website for the InTouch CamoLux Fly Line: RIO’s new InTouch CamoLux line is the most incredible intermediate line ever made. Built on the ultra-low stretch ConnectCore, and featuring a unique hang marker 13 ft from the front end, the line is loaded with assets that helps anglers catch more fish. […]

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Cutthroat Leader Company furled leaders

Cutthroat Leader Company’s Furled Leaders

Cutthroat Leader Company’s furled leaders have been quite the mystery to me. I’ve always been intrigued by the claims that they present flies much more delicately than standard leaders, while at the same time improving your casting efficiency. This always seemed too good to be true. At the same time I was having pretty good […]

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rio intouch xtreme indicator

Rio InTouch Xtreme Indicator Line: Product Review

The InTouch Xtreme Indicator fly line from Rio is our go to specialty line when we know chucking a bobber is going to be the plan for the day. This line definitely has applications in its smaller sizes for trout both with and without an indicator. You can just use the hi-vis tip with lighter […]

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wulff ambush line

Wulff Ambush Fly Line Product Review

From throwing big flies, to great roll casting and single hand spey casting, the Wulff Ambush line delivers. We use this line on multiple setups. The Wulff Ambush line excels on your streamer setup throwing large weighted flies effortlessly. Or, line up a couple weights and use it on your switch rod, or single hander […]

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