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I will be adding a bunch of quick reviews for my guns as well as upgrade parts here over the next few months. Please check back!

Savior Equipment 55″ Double Long Rifle Bag

Savior Equipment 55″ Double Long Rifle Range Bag Today I am reviewing my new Savior Equipment 55″ Double Long Rifle Bag. I was looking for quite some time, trying to find a bag that would work as a beginner 3 gun bag, without breaking the bank. There are a bunch of double rifle bags on […]

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3 Gun Gear: Elftmann 3 Gun Trigger

Another big upgrade for my AR-15! After running my original “enhanced” milspec trigger (lightly polished from the factory as well as some further polishing at home) since I built my rifle a few years ago, I am finally ready to run a real competition trigger! The Elftmann 3 Gun Trigger was near or at the […]

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3 Gun Gear: Taccom Carbine Recoil System

After just purchasing a new VG6 Epsilon 223 muzzle break and a Brownells Low Weight BCG, I new it was time to get the Taccom Carbine Recoil System. I purchased this carbine buffer and the enhanced carbine spring to take the place of my milspec buffer and spring in my AR-15. There is plenty of […]

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3 Gun Gear: Brownells Low Weight BCG

Here is a new piece of 3 Gun Gear that I am really excited about. The Brownells Low weight BCG! I have had some low mass BCG’s on my wish list for a while, and was looking to spend about $350 for a big name competition carrier. It was all but decided when I randomly […]

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3 Gun Gear: VG6 Epsilon 556

I’m headed to the range today to try out my new muzzle break. Im pretty excited to see how this VG6 Epsilon 556 stacks up against my old AAC Brakeout 2.0. The AAC was an “all-in-one” flash hider, break, and compensator. I have never expected that it did much as a compensator to flatten out […]

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3 Gun Gear: Taccom 8UP Shell Caddy

This is going to start a series of reviews on different 3 Gun gear that I am using. I will then keep a static page here dedicated to my full kit. First up is the Taccom 8UP Shell Caddy. Taccom also makes shell caddies that hold 4, 12, 16, and 20 shells. I like to […]

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