Micro Intruder


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I’m not sure if calling this fly an Intruder is totally appropriate, but it is definitely a small little swing fly. You might also call it a “soft hackle on steroids”. It is a little closer to a traditional trout sized soft hackle, than a full sized Steelhead or salmon Intruder.


I tie this on a size 8 streamer hook by Allen Fly Fishing. By utilizing a composite loop, we can add several colors and types of flash, as well as barred flashabou and two contrasting colors of UV Ice Dub, all the while keeping the fly sparse yet broad. I use the smallest possible nymph sized barbell eyes that will make the fly ride hook point up.


This is a new fly, and I am still playing with color combinations and proportions/materials. Pictured is my favorite so far. It uses a traditional combo of olive and gold, and should be awesome in our trout streams here in The Mitt. Please feel free to ask about different color combos, composite loops are great for experimentation!


Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .5 × .5 in

Black/Blue, Olive/Gold, Brown/Copper


50 percent profit donated to conservation