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Blane Chocklett’s Game Changer is one of those modern streamers that the old-timers will definitely shake their head at in disapproval. If I were more of a purist I might agree with them! But, no one can deny the fish catching appeal of these flies. This variation, the “feather” game changer, is a little more acceptable to the pure of heart, as it is made almost entirely with hen saddle feathers. The non-feather version uses all synthetics (Chocklett’s body wrap) and can be decorated and shaped pretty much however you want. Personally, I prefer the movement of the Feather Game Changer in most situations.

For now I am just doing this in cream color with natural grizzly tail and hackle accent, or as pictured, where I mix cream and grizzly throughout the body. Mixing the grizzly feathers in throughout the pattern creates a killer effect. I always have my eyes out for good dyed over grizzly saddles as well, and will add some new combinations if they become available.

Material List:

Hooks: Gamakatsu B10S (rear hook) and Partridge Attitude (Main)

Articulation Shanks: Fish Skull Articulated Fish Spine (2x 10mm and 2x 15mm)

Body: Cream and Grizzly hackle feathers (each section of palmered hackle includes 3 cream and 1 grizzly feather)

Tail: White Marabou w/ grizzly hen hackle tips

Flash: Polar Chenille

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