Fly Fishing Michigan: recommended Partners

I will be compiling a few recommended products for fly fishing Michigan. This is gear that I have used, or am currently using, as well as some things that I am likely to try in the future.

The purpose of these links is to give you an easy way to purchase the things that I recommend in my reviews and videos, as well as give me a portion of the sales should you choose to buy. However, many of the items I use most, especially for fly fishing in Michigan, are not available via an affiliate link. So right here at the top I am going to include some links to companies that I deal with directly, where I do not receive any compensation. But the products are so good that I don’t care! You should check them out!

  • The main company I use for fly rods and reels, as well as hooks and beads is Allen Fly Fishing. The equipment is, in my opinion, the best bang for buck in the industry. You can check my reviews on the reels, but much the same can be said for all of their products. Just go to or join their customer facebook page here. They are super responsive and its a great group if you need some help.
  • Schultz Outfitters in Ypsilanti, MI is another of my favorite places. They just expanded their shop and it has everything you need for tying flies or hitting the water. Their guides are awesome and can get you “dialed” on any fish in the midwest. They specialize in smallmouth bass, but also do plenty of steelheading as well as carp and toothy fish like pike and musky.
  • Sixgill Fishing. This is the same group of guys that owns Allen Fly Fishing. They decided to start making conventional spinning/casting rods and reels, and man do they do a great job. They also have awesome hooks and lures available. Again, huge amount of value for your money. Lots of great deals (BOGO’s, Deposit Programs for new items, large discounts and giveaways) and the best customer service in the industry! Join their customer support and discussion group here! They are growing their product line quite a bit in the next couple months, so if you have a need for spinning/casting gear you really need to check them out!

Ok, now here is some gear that I recommend that I actually get some compensation from! Let me know if there is anything you need that isn’t listed here and I can provide you with a link. Please help support this page!

Fly Rods and Reels

Fly Lines

Fly Leaders and Tippet

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