Allen Omega XLA



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The Omega XLA is big brother to the original Omega series. All the Omega reels are made in the Metro Detroit area, and you can really see the manufacturing prowess of this area come through in these reels. The rest of the Allen lineup of reels are manufactured in China (not that its a bad thing), and the price of the Omega reflects the increase in labor cost to produce these.

As for the reel, you can read my review, but I still feel it is one of the finest big game reels on the market at any price! The XLA version especially excels at picking up line quickly when large fish run straight back at you. And I have yet to feel a drag operate with as much power and finesse as this one. You may want to wait for them to go on sale (its rare, but it happens) to stomach the financial blow, but it is well worth it if you chase big fish!

I pair the size 3 XLA with my 8wt switch rod for big King’s and Steelhead here in the Great Lakes. But these were crafted with salt water in mind, so the sky is the limit with this reel!


50 percent profit donated to conservation