Allen Trout II



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This is a fantastic reel on the smaller/cheaper end of the spectrum. Perfect for just about any fresh water endeavor. As the name implies, this reel is on my primary trout rod. I use a size one on a 4wt rod. The size 2 is good up to about a 6 or 7wt, which means it can handle your trout and bass streamer fishing very well.

The reel is fully machined (rare at this price point), and the drag is enclosed but not totally sealed. It uses a proprietary bearing-less disc drag (patent pending) system, and I can tell you it is smooth as you could want. No worries protecting light tippet while throwing a delicate dry fly to rising trout. And it has enough stopping power to take on that surprise behemoth looking up.

This is a step up in class from most other offerings in this price range.


50 percent profit donated to conservation