Allen Kraken



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Here is the best value in fly fishing! Well, at least as far as reels are concerned. The Kraken series puts most reels in its price range to shame, and stands up very well to the likes of Hatch and other premium reels at a much better price. It utilizes a hybrid carbon/cork drag that is fully sealed. This means it is delicate enough for light trout rods and tippet, but powerful and durable enough to chase fish out on the salty flats.

The Kraken XLA and the Omega series may have better top-end stopping power, but they can’t boast the light touch that a cork drag can give you. For around $200, this is a steal.

I love this reel on anything 6wt or larger. It is my favorite reel for streamer fishing. It is small and light enough to cast all day without sacrificing performance. I use a size 2 on my 6wt, which is my primary bass rod. Then I have a size 3 on my 8wt streamer rod. I do everything from throw large deer hair flies for bass, to 8″ streamers for pike, and weighted double nymph rigs for salmon with this reel. It is a workhorse!

If I was a guide, this would be the reel I put in the hands of all my customers. They’d get the benefits of a high end reel, and I wouldn’t be out $400 if they drop it in the drink!


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