Allen Kraken XLA



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The big brother to the very popular Kraken series, as well as a cheaper version of the Omega XLA series. The Kraken XLA takes the best of both to form a very good big game reel, at a pretty good price.

The “XLA” stands for “extra large arbor”, which means this real can pick up line fast. It shares some of the same drag design as the much higher price Omega series. However, the Kraken XLA is manufactured in China, so it comes in at a much more convenient price tag. This reel is on par with just about anything else out there as far as performance, and it does it with a better price point than much of it’s competition.

I use this reel on my secondary rod for salmon and steelhead here in Michigan. If I didn’t own an Omega, this would be my favorite reel.


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