3 Gun Gear: VG6 Epsilon 556

vg6 epsilon

I’m headed to the range today to try out my new muzzle break. Im pretty excited to see how this VG6 Epsilon 556 stacks up against my old AAC Brakeout 2.0. The AAC was an “all-in-one” flash hider, break, and compensator. I have never expected that it did much as a compensator to flatten out the muzzle rise because it didn’t need to be aligned in a specific manor. It was however a solid flash hider, and did a fair job as a break reducing recoil.

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I am switching to the VG6 Epsilon 556 to gain that muzzle rise fighting “compensation”. The Epsilon is a highly regarded muzzle device for competition shooters, and still maintains some flash hider properties, with plenty of porting to act as a strong break as well.

The key difference is that the VG6 Epsilon 556 needs to be properly timed so that the compensating vents point vertically. Pressure escaping through these hole when shooting will “push” the muzzle down, hence negating most if not all muzzle rise.

Install of the Epsilon was really simple. It comes with a crush washer, so proper alignment is very easy. After removing my old AAC Brakeout 2.0 (which was the hardest part of this process), I thoroughly cleaned any carbon build up from the threads and barrel. I placed a small drop of gun oil on the threads along with the crush washer. I then hand tightened the muzzle device until it was flush against the crush washer. Then using my armorer’s wrench (highly recommended if you own an AR-15), I tightened down the VG6 Epsilon 556, compressing the crush washer. You usually can get up to about 180 degrees of rotation once the washer starts to compress. So you just need to tighten until the compensating vents are pointing straight up. And that is that!

Im hoping to get some video of my first trip to the range with the new VG6 Epsilon 556. I have some other new components that I am testing as well. But I want to get a few shots in with my old gear so that I can test just how much of a difference this break makes on its own.

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