3 Gun Gear: Taccom 8UP Shell Caddy

This is going to start a series of reviews on different 3 Gun gear that I am using. I will then keep a static page here dedicated to my full kit. First up is the Taccom 8UP Shell Caddy. Taccom also makes shell caddies that hold 4, 12, 16, and 20 shells. I like to carry two 8UP caddies, but I could also see a use for a 12 or 16. The 20 shell version is a chest rig, and may come in handy on that one random crazy long shotgun stage that some match directors like to throw in.

I am starting the 3 Gun gear series with this shell caddy simply because it is the latest individual piece of 3 Gun gear I have purchased. I have some more involved entries coming soon for my rifle and shotgun. I needed to start small to get myself going! But this series will cover everything from simple components like this, to the guns themselves. I may even dive into “wishlist” items that I am looking to get, but can’t yet afford.

The Taccom shell caddy is a “no brainer” option for any beginner or seasoned 3 Gunner. It is just about the cheapest option, and it works very well for quad loading your shotgun. Retention is tight on the shells and seems to loosen up just enough after a little break in period to make grabbing shells a breeze. I have never quad loaded shells before getting the Taccom 8UP Shell Caddy, but it didn’t take long to get the hang of it. I’m still not super fast, but for just starting out I am totally happy with the performance.

I will be adding some more hands on content as well as some video of the Taccom 8UP Shell Caddy soon!

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