3 Gun Gear: Brownells Low Weight BCG

brownells low weight bcg

Here is a new piece of 3 Gun Gear that I am really excited about. The Brownells Low weight BCG! I have had some low mass BCG’s on my wish list for a while, and was looking to spend about $350 for a big name competition carrier. It was all but decided when I randomly came across someone mentioning the Brownell’s product in a discussion group. I couldn’t believe that someone in competitive shooting was recommending a $99 bolt carrier group. And I really couldn’t believe it was a “low mass” option several ounces lighter than my current BCG.


I will be adding some video of me re-tuning my adjustable gas block, along with before and after impressions. I am very curious to see how this impacts muzzle rise and felt recoil!

I double checked the ratings for the Brownells low weight BCG on their website and was pleasantly surprised. It was available in black nitride, NiB, and gold TiN. The black nitride had the best rating and was the cheapest ($99), so I ordered it right away. Brownell’s got it to me fast as usual.

Upon initial inspection, I am very impressed with the fit and finish. It dropped right in to my Anderson Upper receiver and is ready to test at the range! You can check out the rest of my 3 gun gear here!

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