3 Gun Gear: Taccom Carbine Recoil System

After just purchasing a new VG6 Epsilon 223 muzzle break and a Brownells Low Weight BCG, I new it was time to get the Taccom Carbine Recoil System. I purchased this carbine buffer and the enhanced carbine spring to take the place of my milspec buffer and spring in my AR-15. There is plenty of info on how to do this out there, it is incredibly simple.

The advantage of the Taccom Carbine Recoil System, is that the buffer (which is actually two buffers, one in front of spring and one behind) has little to no weight compared to a milspec standard buffer. And the buffer spring is 10% reduced tension, so that the lighter buffer can still compress the spring with less force.

It is important to note that lightening this spring and buffer requires an adjustable gas block to obtain the desired effect. A low mass BCG is also highly recommended to maximize the difference in recoil. If you do not have an adjustable gas block you may actually increase your felt recoil, as the fully gassed system will slam the BCG back, overpowering the light buffer and spring, and hit you harder in the shoulder. However, if you can turn that gas down to a minimum level, and you have a low mass BCG (allowing you to further reduce the gas needed to cycle the bolt), you end up with an incredibly soft and flat shooting gun ready for competition.

I am headed to the range today to tune this gun. I am hoping to get some video of before and after so that I can give my impressions of how the Taccom Carbine Recoil System impacts muzzle rise and felt recoil!

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