3 Gun Gear: Elftmann 3 Gun Trigger

elftmann 3 gun trigger

Another big upgrade for my AR-15! After running my original “enhanced” milspec trigger (lightly polished from the factory as well as some further polishing at home) since I built my rifle a few years ago, I am finally ready to run a real competition trigger! The Elftmann 3 Gun Trigger was near or at the top of my list when researching triggers. Others included the Hiperfire Eclipse and the Triggertech Diamond trigger. However, due to Ebay drastically reducing the sale of rifle parts on their platform, there was a large Ebay vendor with a bunch of Elftmann triggers that they were no longer allowed to sell. I stumbled accross their listing on Gunbroker and quickly snatched up the Elftmann 3 Gun Trigger for just over $200!


Install was easy, as it is with most “drop-in” AR 15 triggers. But it is highly recommended that you watch the installation videos available online before installing! The main piece of info is that you make sure to properly set the tension of the set screws that take the wobble out of the trigger housing against your lower receiver. If you don’t do this properly you will get light strikes, and the trigger will have some play in your receiver, making your experience less than ideal.

Once installed I am very impressed with the trigger itself. There is zero take-up. I mean none at all. You are on the wall as soon as you touch the trigger. This is true with many high end, single stage triggers, and is a different feel than milspec or two stage triggers. It takes some getting used to for sure. This trigger is adjustable with a set screw from 2.75 to 4 pounds. I set mine to the lightest possible for competition shooting, but would be very comfortable at the highest setting in a defense gun.

The break is clean and crisp. I had high hopes for this trigger, maybe a little too high, but it did meet my expectations in this regard. After the break there is a fair amount of over travel. This I was a little disappointed in, and I would love to see an over travel adjustment at some point to really fine tune this awesome trigger.

The reset is loud and clear, and it is fair to note that the over travel mentioned above is not “necessary” for a good reset to happen. This means that as my finger gets accustomed to the length of pull, the over travel will become less of a negative. You can ride the break and reset with minimal movement if you don’t pull all the way back after every shot.

So this is a good thing, as it makes my one complaint almost mute once I get used to the trigger. However, it does make me think that the over travel isn’t really necessary for the function of the trigger, so why is it there in the first place? That might annoy me a little for a while, but again, not really a big deal.

You can check out my full 3 gun spec here. Check out the video review below!

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