Savior Equipment 55″ Double Long Rifle Bag

savior equipment double rifle range bag

Savior Equipment 55″ Double Long Rifle Range Bag

Today I am reviewing my new Savior Equipment 55″ Double Long Rifle Bag. I was looking for quite some time, trying to find a bag that would work as a beginner 3 gun bag, without breaking the bank. There are a bunch of double rifle bags on the market for a reasonable price. But there aren’t many that can handle a 3 gun shotgun. The large extended magazine tubes require a solid 50+”, and my particular gun and tube required a 54″ bag. Also, keep in mind that for 3 gun you also need to be able to store an AR pattern rifle, a pistol, and a host of accessories and ammo!

The Savior Equipment 55″ Double Long Rifle Bag for under $100 seemed like it was large enough. However, it is so much cheaper than the few other options on the market, that I figured it wouldn’t hold up to the abuse of a 3 gun match. But after looking long and hard and not finding a better option in my price range, I decided to go for it. Upon opening the package I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the materials and zippers. I quickly tested to make sure my Stoeger M3K with +9 MOA magazine extension would fit. I am glad to say it goes in the bag with no problem at all.

The next test was to load up everything I would need for a typical 3 gun match to see how the bag felt fully loaded. I was able to get everything (including ammo) into the bag relatively easily. I will say, any bag loaded up with this much gear and ammo is going to be a pain to carry, and this is no exception. It is nice that you have the option of carrying by a handle at your side, or on your back with the backpack straps. I find it too difficult to get this onto my back from the ground, so I will likely just carry it at my side. However, once you get it adjusted and on your back, it works as any backpack would with this kind of weight and length.

I will have to update with how the bag holds up over time, but I don’t foresee any issues with quality. Zippers and straps are the weak point of bags like this. I would expect that the backpack straps are the most likely failure point if that is how you choose to carry this bag. But they are well made and should hold up to heavy use under all but the most extreme loads. The zippers seem to be high quality, and there is so much room in the bag that there really isn’t a huge need to over-stuff the pockets and stress the zippers. Even if you did break a zipper, there are plenty of buckles to keep everything in place.

In conclusion, I feel this bag is a great purchase for anyone looking to carry a bunch of stuff to the range. Whether you are just plinking, or headed to a match, this is a great way to transport a lot of guns and gear. Check out my video below to see for yourself.

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