OPST Commando Smooth Integrated Skagit Shooting Head


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This is my favorite new offering from OPST. This skagit head features an integrated running line (no lazar line needed!), which gives you a “smooth” transition from running line to shooting head. I find this to be a huge advantage when I am tossing streamers on one of my single hand rods. It allows me to strip in all the way to the boat, just like a standard line, yet I still have the phenomenal roll and skagit casting available when needed.

This really creates what is probably the most versatile casting system on the market. with this line and a full assortment of OPST sink/float tips (as well as intermediate tips from Airflo) you can truly fish just about any water and any technique without switching lines/spools/rods.

If you wade fish with streamers and wet flies then you need to check this system out!


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