OPST Command Sink Tips – 10ft


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These are the most versatile sink tips in the OPST system. They come in 3 different grain weights(80, 110, 140). The 80 grain comes with a S2, S4, or S6 sink rate. And the 110 and 140 grain series both have S3, S6, and S9 sink rates available.


  • 10 foot Commando Tips comes in three different sink rates: a Riffle, Run and Bucket.
  • 80 Grain series, comes in S2, S4 and S6 of level sink tip. These tips are good for 2-weight spey rods up to about a 6-weight spey rod.
  • 110 Grain and 140 Grain Commando Tips come in S3 for Riffle, S6 for Run and S9 for Bucket. The 110 Grain series is best for rods from about a 6-weight switch to an 8-weight switch
  • 140 Grain Commando Tips are best for heavier rods, from about a 7-weight switch to a 9- or 10- weight spey rod
  • One thing to keep in mind is that if you are struggling with your cast, the solution might be to go down in tip size.


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