Best 3 Gun Scope: Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x

best 3 gun scope vortex strike eagle

Is the Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x the Best 3 Gun Scope?

I have used my Strike Eagle 1-6x at the range for the last couple years, and have had absolutely no complaints. It is an extremely versatile scope. It functions great as a red dot at 1x with its illuminated reticle. And it can stretch out easily to 100 yards and beyond at 6x. I consider it to be the best 3 gun scope!

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So is it the best 3 gun scope? Well, the short answer is probably “no”. But is it the best 3 gun scope for the money? I would say “yes”. And for most people, its probably all the scope you will ever need for your AR-15. Unless you shoot a lot at targets over 100 yards, you don’t really need to spend the money on better glass. Most local 3 gun matches don’t have many targets out at 200 or 300 yards. Now don’t get me wrong, this scope can hit those targets as well, but if you are going that distance frequently you can probably justify spending a little bit more.

I hesitate to spend top dollar on 3 gun gear because of how abusive a course of fire can be. The last thing I want to do while on the clock is feel like I need to baby my gun because of how much money I have wrapped up into it. I go back and forth on this topic all the time. Should I spend the money on really fancy stuff so that I have the best of the best when it comes to equipment? Or should I buy just the high value equipment so that I can practice and play the game more without worrying as much about what I have at risk investment wise.

After purchasing this scope and really enjoying it, I have started talking with some people who shoot 3 gun at a much higher level than myself. These guys are competitive, but not the type of people that are shooting gear they get for free. To me this is the best group to get solid opinions on gear from. They play enough at a high enough level to know what you need to compete. But they also need to be frugal in their equipment decisions.

Hands down, with everyone I have spoken to, the Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x is mentioned as the best 3 gun scope all around. Many of these people run it on their main rifles, and basically have said that they don’t see a reason to run a more expensive scope.

That is the kind of endorsement I like to hear!

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