Wiggle Hex Nymph



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This is effective Hex Nymph pattern. I tie this primarily for Steelhead on two size 14¬†Allen Fly Fishing wet fly hooks. This is an articulated nymph, so it has some extra movement that gives it a little advantage over your generic Hex patterns. I cut the hook point off the back to create a shank. Ostrich is used for the tail and the gills. I tie a natural version and a “flashback” version. I don’t typically weight this nymph as it is almost always used with split shot for my purposes.


  • Allen W502 Hook – 2x
  • Tail/Gills: Ostrish Herl
  • Rib: Gold UTC Wire
  • Body: Squirrel Blend Dubbing – Sulphur
  • Wing Case: Natural – Pheasant Tail — Flashback – Peacock Flashabou and Mottled Thin Skin
  • Legs: Soft Hackle
  • Eyes: Mono Eyes

Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .5 × .5 in

Natural, Flash Back


50 percent profit donated to conservation