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We review the equipment that we are actually using out on the water and on the bench

rio trout lt

Rio Trout LT Fly Line Review

The Rio Trout LT weight forward fly line is our go to dry fly line. We love it on fly rods up to 5wt, or in any situation where fish are spooky and you need a delicate presentation. If you have a rod that is dedicated to dry fly fishing then we don’t think you […]

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sixgills trireme

Sixgill Trireme Spinning Reel Review

Let me start out by saying, if you haven’t heard of Sixgill Fishing I recommend you check them out. They are the same people that make Allen Fly Fishing rods and reels as well as Exterus Brand clothing. Much like these other product lines, the Sixgill offerings are also an instant favorite of mine. Sixgill […]

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mystic switch rod 8wt

Mystic Switch Rod Review: M-Series 8wt

Mystic Switch Rod – Initial Impressions: Let me start out by saying that the Mystic Switch Rod is my first two handed style rod. So consider this review as being from the eyes of a spey casting novice. I think that this is still useful though, because there are  a lot of people here in Michigan […]

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rio gripshooter running line

Rio GripShooter Running Line Review

I wanted to write up a quick review on the Rio GripShooter running line that I am currently using on my Mystic Switch Rod with OPST Commando Skagit Head. First, here is the description from Rio’s website: A hard nylon shooting line with a unique handling section – the best choice for distance RIO’s new […]

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OPST Commando Head

Product Review: OPST Commando Head

We recently purchased a Mystic 8wt switch rod from Au Sable Angler at the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo. Our review of that product will be available shortly, but we decided to pair the rod with the OPST Commando head. Those in the spey world out west will likely be familiar with this company, they have […]

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Loop Cross S1

Product Review: Loop Cross S1 5wt Rod

The Loop Cross S1 in 5wt is my workhorse setup. I have it paired with an Allen Kraken II reel, which I have reviewed separately here. I use this rod in a variety of ways. I throw poppers and streamers in warm water, and everything from dry flies to streamers and indicators for trout. Here […]

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allen kraken reel

Product Review: Allen Kraken II Reel

The Allen Kraken fly reel is another great product from this company. With a mid range price starting at $209 for the size II (line weight 5/6) it fishes like a much more expensive reel. I bought this reel to accompany my Loop Cross S1 5wt and it balances like a dream. It’s not the […]

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Product Review: Allen Kraken XLA Reel

It is time for another review of a great reel from Allen Fly Fishing. These guys continue to put out premium products at half the price of their competitors. I reviewed the Kraken reel in size II (5-6wt) already, which is a fantastic product with sizes to cover pretty much any big game water. But […]

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stealthcraft drift boat

Product Review: Stealthcraft 13′ Drift Boat

Let me start off by saying Stealthcraft is a GREAT company. Mike, the owner, and likely person you will deal with when contacting the company, was fantastic. This is my first driftboat. I only have a couple hours under my belt on the water with it, but I have been in others as a passenger, […]

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