Weighted Minnow – Saltwater


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Other colors available upon request, email chuck@michoutdoors.com

Another pattern inspired by FlyFishFood.com. Very similar to their “Belly Scratcher Minnow”. You can follow the link to purchase the original version from Cheech and the gang. The signature feature of this fly is the tungsten weights tied to the belly that make the fly ride hook point up. This is a very useful technique that allows you to tie in various amounts of weight without using lead eyes. You can expect more sink than the “Neutral Minnow” because of this weight, but it will be both a subtle and level drop, instead of the jigging motion of a front weighted fly. Although this pattern is effective in still water, I prefer it in rivers as a strong pattern for both trout and smallmouth. For now I am offering it in three color combinations, but the options are endless. The almost neutral buoyancy of this fly is what gives it the lifelike movement of a bait fish. They don’t look like much when they are dry, but get them wet and you will see what the fish like about this tasty meal.

I tie this pattern primarily on tubes. I use a fair amount of ostrich plumes and a composite flash hackle for the body and under wing. Then I tie in a magnum rabbit strip and make a dubbing head using FlyFishFood’s Bruiser blend.

All tube flies include an appropriate sized hook.

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Fire Tiger, Baby Bass, Tan


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