Glo Egg Cluster


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I was shown a small version of this fly from a veteran of the Pere Marquette River that claimed to have invented the technique of attaching multiple eggs to a hook that had some room to flow and move in the water. I’m not sure if he actually pioneered it, but when we got off the water for the day he showed me some other applications of this technique that were truly unique. If he didn’t invent it, he surely perfected it.

Of course I went home and tried to imitate the one he had given me, and I quickly realized the basic idea was to use mono to create the glo-egg and then tie the mono to the hook. I didn’t have much success making my version of the fly look as good as he did, but it was something I wanted to re-visit this fall in a larger pattern to imitate Salmon eggs.

After work on my technique, and finding some help online, this is what I have ended up with. The larger eggs are easier to tie and arrange on the larger hook (a large Allen Egg/Carp hook), and the extra yarn at the front of the fly flows over the eggs and imitates skein.

I haven’t actually fished this fly yet, but I think it will have to be killer for fall Salmon, Steelhead and Trout that are sampling eggs behind spawning fish.

I will work on refining the technique a little more and have a smaller version ready for the spring run.


  • Allen Glo-Egg hook (size 4)
  • Mcfly Egg Foam (cheese and deep red)
  • Egg yarn (spread thin and spun in dubbing loop)
  • 3x Maxima Chameleon

Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .5 × .5 in


50 percent profit donated to conservation